• Eneida Marie Clements

Started on Whim

It all started on a whim after a dear friend challenged me to sell my homemade goodies as a New Year’s resolution. She had been visiting for Christmas, munching away on my festive confections, when she spoke the four simple words that inspired it all, “You should sell these.” It’s that simple, right? By the end of our conversation, I was on board the dessert train. Challenge accepted!

Through the support of friends and family, I began small, showcasing my baked goods at markets & shows.  Thoughts of my aunt’s Betty Crocker recipe box danced in my head. I vividly remember thumbing through the recipes as a little girl and thinking, “I can’t wait to grow up and bake all these!” My sweet tooth and passion for baking had always been a part of my identity, but it never occurred to me I could make a living doing what I love. 

There’s a look of childlike happiness when customers receive my fresh desserts, beautifully boxed in cute packaging, that fills me with pure joy and a sense of purpose. I’d love nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with my tasty treats.

Not only will I be focusing on gourmet desserts, but I’ll also be blogging over there so don’t forget to keep visiting.

My new gourmet dessert adventure means that:

~My desserts will be available wholesale to shops and cafe They’ll also be available for gifts, wrapped in picture-perfect packaging.

Imagine gifting a dozen cookies in a box with a pretty ribbon and a fancy box. Cookies are always on my wish list. These are perfect for the holidays or birthday gift!

~Like my pop-up shops, I’m available for events and catering. Email me! There can never be too many dessert stations at any get-together, right? I’ll come to your wedding or other event and bring an entire delectable dessert bar with me. I bake every batch by hand, so they’re always fresh.

~If you just want party favors, I can do that too. Tables look so pretty when they are dressed in beautiful linens, with a covered dish of gourmet cookies or a mini dessert in the middle.

~If you’re looking for something on the corporate side, I’ve got you covered. Bring a fresh batch of cookies to your next meeting and I guarantee that everyone will want to stay until the very end. You will be sure to win them over with mini bundts too!

Here’s another secret that you should know: Clients LOVE, love love love, my gourmet desserts as gifts or a thank you.

I know it might seem like I’ve been all over the place lately and that’s simply because it takes a lot of time and energy to shift focus and “open” a new business. Not only that, but we just move to Charleston! It’s time for a fresh start and new goals.

I am so glad you’re here now, and I hope you’ll follow me. It’s always more exciting to share new adventures with people you care about.

Let’s go!

xx, eneida

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